The high point at the end of an economic expansion until the start of a contraction. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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I. peak peak 1 [piːk] noun [countable]
the time when prices, shares etc have reached their highest point or level:

• The company's share of overseas assets reached a peak two years ago.

• It estimates that the value of its land is now 60 percent below its peak.

peak of

• The number of cars produced fell from a peak of 800 in 2004 to 650 this year.

• The FTSE 100 climbed to 2577.1, just below the intraday peak (= the highest point on a particular trading day ) of 2580.1.

  [m0] II. peak peak 2 adjective
1. peak level/​price/​rate etc the highest level etc something reaches:

• Many Japanese investors bought property at peak prices just before values began to slump.

• The company expects to hit peak production in two years' time.

2. peak time/​period/​hours/​season the time when the greatest number of people in a country are doing the same thing, using the same service etc:

• There are extra trains at peak times.

• Hotel prices rise during the peak season.

— see also off-peak
  [m0] III. peak peak 3 also peak out verb [intransitive]
to reach the highest point or level:

• The Bundesbank president declined to say whether German interest rates had peaked.

peak at

• Sources estimate that output from the oilfield will peak at about 25,000 barrels a day.

• The company's stock peaked at $11.50.

• European metal dealers have been buying copper only as needed while waiting for prices to peak out.

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peak UK US /piːk/ noun [C]
a period during which something reaches its highest level, price, rate, etc.: »

At its peak, the company was valued at £1.5 billion.


Several internet service providers tested in the evening peak failed to deliver the new target for high-speed internet.

be above/below the peak of sth »

The shares have started to recover but are still far below their 12-month peak.

hit/reach/rise to a peak »

Investors were looking beyond the UK market because they feared it might have reached a peak.


all-time/record/highest peak


Markets are subject to strong peaks and troughs due to economic cycles.

Compare TROUGH(Cf. ↑trough) noun
peak UK US /piːk/ adjective [before noun]
relating to the highest level, price, rate, etc. that something reaches: »

The comparison site provides information on peak and off-peak rates across all the major mobile networks.


Service providers keep spare capacity to meet peak demand.


peak efficiency/performance

relating to a period of time during which more people are using a service or system than during any other period: »

The new facility could increase the number of packages shipped to 30,000 from 10,000 during the peak holiday season.

peak hours/periods/times »

The Underground often operates a crowd-control system at peak periods.

Compare OFF-PEAK(Cf. ↑off-peak)
peak UK US /piːk/ verb [I] (also peak out)
to reach the highest level, price, rate, etc.: »

Official figures show that unemployment peaked in November.

peak (out) at sth »

There was growing belief in the City that base rates may have peaked at 4.75%.


Despite talk of the market peaking out, investors are still buying rather than selling.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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